About our company

The Company

CV. Indo Marine is an exporter of freshwater fishes, marine fishes, invertebrates and corals from Indonesia. We have more than eight years of experience in shipping live stocks around the world.

Our humble company started with a small office and farm located in Surabaya, East Java. After regularly shipping in large quantities to Europe, USA, Middle East and various Asian countries, we decided to create our own farm in 2005. Currently, we operate a 7,000m² farm (+”main operation”) conveniently located in Banyuwangi, two hours away from the International Airport in Denpasar, Bali.

Mission Statement

We understand that is not merely a reasonable price which is important but also dedication to the quality of goods, constant availability, and a wide selection of species and good communication in giving services to meet the customer’s expectation to the fullest extent possible.

We are a proud member of Oriental Fish International.

Success Story

2005: Company established

2010: Freshwater fishes first time export from Bogor

2011: Move to 7000 sqm farm


  1. Bali branch established
  2. Own CITES.


  1. Coming to Ocean Park business supply
  2. Business partnership to send manta rays to Resort World Sentosa
  3. Setting up tank facility for Jumbo / big fishes especially Shark and Rays.


  1. Planning to register CITES for appendix fishes include whaleshark and manta rays
  2. Opening 2 more warehouse branches in islands

2015: Register CITES big fish